Boxes within boxs

Published on 4th April 2016

I love parcels. I collected this one from the depot tonight on the way home from work.

You know when you look forward to a parcel arriving and when it does it isn't as nice as you expected?  Well this isn't like that!

I knew what it was but I still love opening parcels. 

This was from the lovely people at They mainly do things connected with tea ceremony but they do have other things.

I'd got Japanese sewing boxes from them before and had emailed recently to ask if they had any more. They did so I sent for a couple which were snatched up by students.  They also has some in the Kamakura style. My sensei has some of these and they are very lovely.

I was rather taken by one of these but already have one that I use all the time so didn't think I should indulge. However, I got an unexpected cheque in the post so after I'd done sensible things with most of it, I decided to use some on one of these Kamakura style boxes.

Two boxes, lots of bubble wrap and tissue paper later this is what was inside.

Japanese embroidery box - front

Japanese embroidery box - top

Japanese embrodery box - inside top

Japanese embroidery box - drawers open

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