What happened to 2023?

Published on 3rd February 2024

What I want to know is, what happened to 2023 or, in fact, to the last 20 years.

In a couple of weeks time it will be the 20th anniversary of me starting along my path of Nuido.  Little did I know that February morning that it was going to have a profound effect on my life and soul.

That week Bournemouth in 2004 I fell in love and in every year that has gone by my joy and love of traditional Japanese embroidery has grown and deepened.  I'm not speaking about my skill in wielding our teeny tiny hand made needles, though that has got much better over the years(!), but about the joy and delight it has brought me.  I aged a year that week, literally as it was my birthday week, but it was worth it.  Along my journey I have learned so much about my art and have developed and improved as an embroidery artist and have found my place in the world.  I have made lifelong friends, met wonderful and interesting people from all over the world, joined a worldwide community of practitioners of Japanese embroidery, and have helped others find their way to our Japanese embroidery family. 

There have been losses too, one of my first tutors, Pat, my fellow student, Jenny, and, of course, Sue who started her journey with me in 2004 and who became a dear and beloved friend.  Though they are no longer with us, I think of them often and they are always with me in my work. 

I hadn't intended this post to start this way, and don't want to make this an acceptance speech for reaching 20 years old in Japanese embroidery years by putting in a long list of thank yous.  But I will say a general and huge thank you to all those people who I have met along the way, I am happy to have met you and to have become a part of this wonderful Japanese embroidery family.  For those you you who have become dear friends, you know who you are, you are loved and I am happy to have you in my life.

Onto practical things, which was originally my intention for this post.  I have added a section for kimono silk to the shop, where you can buy lengths of fine kimono silk whether for embroidery or other uses.  I'll add more over the coming weeks as I get more photographed.

I am posting here less and less and, since it has become so easy to post directly from a smart phone into social media, it's unlikely that I'll be posting with any great regularity going forward.  However, you can always find out what I'm up to via my Instagram.





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