Novel Inspiration Part 3

Published on 12th May 2016

Here we are then, part three on novel effects. I've shared some of these before but it's been a while and they bear repeating.

This was a gift to Michiko from the mother of one of her friends. It was created when she learned embroidery at school as a teenager about 70 years ago. Enjoy.

The samples are each about 3cm across.

An interesting variation on maze.

Teeny tiny knots create a plum blossom in the void.

Interesting goldwork.

Katayori with a twist!

Two variations on 3D

This chrysanthemum appears to have been worked over padding with to and fro technique

Random stitches with colour change. Regular visitors may remember Michiko using this on her Circle of Friends.

Ever wondered how thin you can get your cords? Ruler at the top is in mm.

I had to zoom in a lot on the photo to figure out how this one was constructed.

Which came first the knot or the square?

This one as well. I think these knots are stitched through the white silk. I think the white stitch is a 2F.

Hope these have inspired you. Please share if you use any in your designs.


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On 13-05-2016 at 11:26, Carol-Anne Conway said:

We are so lucky that Michiko's friend gave this to her, that Michiko shared it with us and that you took such wonderful photographs. It is a fabulous resource and a joy to behold. Thanks for sharing it again.

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