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Published on 19th April 2016

One of my Japanese embroidery friends often returns from visits home to Japan with 'treasures' to share with us. Two of these have been sample books of stitches for Japanese embroidery.  Included are standard stitches that we use all the time, others are variations on those or on novel effects.  I thought I would share some of these with you, I hope they inspire you to try something a bit different with your stitching. 

There are quite a lot so I'm splitting them into a number of posts, this first one shows samples from the larger of the two books.  Both books are beautifully presented, this one has the samples displayed in fan shapes with details of the technique below. A big thank you to Michiko for allowing me to photograph them and to share them with you. I'll leave it to you to figure out how they have been stitched.

Japanese embroidery sample book

sample of Japanese embroidery

Japanese embroidery, close up

Japanese embroidery pine sample

detail of pine in Japanese embroidery

Japanese embroidery

Sample of Japanese embroidery

Rather then the usual four stitches which we use to create cords, these variations are worked using a five stitch technique. Interestingly if you look in Kusano San's books the instructions for her cords are for a five stitch version.

Would love to know if you use any of these.


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