New Year Finishes

Published on 7th January 2017

2016 was a less productive year than I had intended but it ended well and 2017 has started off with two projects being completed, a good start.

In September we visited Yarndale, and I got some beautiful dovestone aran yarn from Baa Ram Ewe. They specialise in yarn grown and spun in Yorkshire and have a lovely shop on the outskirts of Leeds, well worth a visit. It was intended for a version of Sophies Universe as a Christmas gift for my sister, the only one of us three siblings born in Yorkshire so aside from the yarn being beautiful it was very appropriate.  You can find out more about the pattern at Look What I Made.  It was completed a few days before the holidays and has turned out really well. The yarn is beautiful, very smooth and snuggly just what is needed for a throw. I'm so taken with this single colour I might do another version for myself but not soon, I think I need a rest from bit crochet projects.  For size context the bed is kingsize.

My friend and colleague Jenny had started the JEC design Young Samurai as a gift for her brother before she passed away. She had made arrangements for her stock and projects to go to friends, Young Samurai went to Sue who had intended to complete it, sadly she too passed away before she'd had a chance to complete it.  Sue spent a lot of time working with Jenny on day classes for Japanese embroidery and beading and attending events in the South West promoting the embroidery and beading they both loved. She also spent a lot of time with Jenny in her last months.  When it came to dealing with Sue's stash of pieces I decided that I would like to complete Young Samurai in memory of them both.

It has been a privilege to complete this piece, it brought back wonderful memories of two lovely people who came into my life through the thing we all loved, Japanese embroidery. I'll get it off the frame, mounted up and back to Jenny's brother.  Later than had been expected but I hope that it brings him happy memories of his sister.

Jenny working on her sake box and Sue with Kusano Sensei

In my last post I wrote about Five Fans and wanting to change the little stars on the plum fan.  I took out the ones I didn't like and have replaced them with the three stitch version.  I liked this much better so Five Fans is now complete.

And so another year on my journey along the path of Nuido has started with sad memories of friends no longer with us, happy memories of those same friends and other friends across the world who are all linked through our love of Japanese embroidery.  Two projects long on their frames have been completed and lots of new designs are ready to start in 2017 including marmite chrysanthemums, hydrangea fans, fuzzy lotus flowers, any many more. 



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