Lots more knots

Published on 17th September 2014

Well the last few weeks have been full of lots of tears, lots of remembering, and lots of what do we do now.  After some time away from the frame I did get back to some stitching and progress has been made on some pieces.

I completed the JEC Autumn Moon design, I didn't have to think much about this one as I just followed the box chart.  I don't have a completed photo to show you at the moment.

I then went back to the little Morning Glory design which I last blogged about here in November last year.  I started this piece as a trial for a design all in sagara nui (knots).  One of my students had expressed an interest in doing a piece as I'd always wanted to, so this was an experiment of sorts.  I've not touched this piece since November.

I wasn't very happy with the contrast of colour on the pink flower so I started work on the blue one. On the blue flower I started with a more definitive colour change between the three shades of blue.

Sagara nui - japanese embroidery

I made the change between the colours much more random, this worked much better than the curved colour change I'd used on the pink flower. I also changed from a 4-1 twist to a 3-1 twist, I'm not sure how much this helped but it just felt much better.

sagara nui detail

After the first petal section I decided to work the flower in larger sections.  I put in each of the colours over a much larger area. I found this helped to get a better overview of the shape of the flower.

I decided that I would do the leaves in different ways - given this is a piece to use for teaching purposes I thought it would help.  The two top leaves were worked just with an outline.

Japanese embroidery knots

The leaf on the right uses sagara of all the same size. The leaves at the bottom are worked in 2-1 for the veins and 3-1 for the rest.  It does make a difference.  The background leaf of these two fades out as it goes under the foreground leaf by placing the knots randomly.

It has been an interesting piece to do, I've learned a lot about how to make good knots and how to use a single technique to create different looks.  I lost count of the hours it took to complete and as for how many knots there are, there are about 100 in a 1.5cm square and the design is about 13cm across, you work it out.


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