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Published on 22nd May 2022

Well despite all good intentions almost a year has gone by without a full blog entry.  I've posted quite a few images on Instagram but the website has been very quiet.  I have been embroidering and working on new designs so here is a bit of an update on what has been going on and what is to come over the next few months.

One of my embroideries from 2011 (Cherries and Treasures) is featuring in the In Manchester exhibition organised by Cotton on MCR it opened on 19 May and runs until 5 June 2022.  As the piece pre-dates this version of my website it does not appear in the blog only in the gallery so I'm adding some detail about it here.

This design was one which appeared in my head in one of those dreamy moments between sleep and awake.  The image of a huge cherry tree with petals blown by the wind and mixed amongst the petals were the traditional Japanese 'treasures'.  The image remains strong to this day but the embroidered version is a much smaller part of the whole.  Perhaps one day I will go back and embroider the entire thing, who knows.  Depends how many other ideas for new designs pop into my head!

The 'treasure' motifs used in this embroidery are just a few of those used in Japanese art.  The little yellow shape here represents a balance scale weight, a symmetrical shape traditionally used for casting gold making it more difficult to trim some off.   

Treasure: bottomless purse.  Sadly this is a treasure I've yet to obtain!

Treasure: scrolls representing knowledge

Treasures: magic ball with flame, magic mallet, and sedge hat.  Rubbing the magic ball will make wishes come true, swinging the mallet makes dreams come true, and the sedge hat makes the wearer invisible. 

So the entire piece which shows that most Japanese image of all, falling cherry blossoms, is combined with some of the treasures representing things I have gained and continue to reap along my journey of Nuido (the way of embroidery).  Knowledge, a wealth of friends, happiness, and belonging.  If you manage to get to see the exhibition I hope that you enjoy seeing Cherries and Treasures amongst all the other art work.  I will be one of the artists giving a talk about our pieces on 24 May.  See Cotton on MCR for more details

In other news, work on the cord embroidery continues.  It's almost complete, just the middle section of cords and outlines to finish.  I'll post more about this once it's finished. 

My very large wisteria embroidery has been on hold for ages.  I had fallen out of love with it but, having invested so much time an energy getting it to this point I didn't want to call it quits.  I put it to one side and took it with my on a recent visit to my Sensei.  It had been months since I'd even looked at it so when I unwrapped it to show her I was surprised by how much I liked it.  Sensei agreed that the design and the embroidery both worked saying that once it was finished she'd happily hang it on her wall, she's even picked out a space!  My concerns about the design addressed I will be starting this one again once the cords is finished.  It's going to take some time as it's so large so I'll frame up a second piece to work on at the same time.  The only question now is which one? 




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