Teeny tiny dragons and clouds

Published on 16th August 2020

Things to be happy about:

  • cooler here today so can get some stitching done
  • the Shizuka Kusano design started during our trip to Japan is completed
  • new designs have been started

Actually the Kusano san design was finished a number of weeks ago but I've only just got round to posting an update.  I looked back on the blog and the last main update was in November 2018!

I have been working on it on and off but the motifs are so small and took so long that really there wasn't much to show until now.  All three sections on this piece have repeat motifs which will appear in separate posts.  First we have teeny tiny clouds and dragons.

The foundation for the clouds is flat silk which is outlined and separated by a pair of twisted silver couched.  I used a koma to help control the twisted silver as I couched so I got a good tension on the thread. 

 One of the ways of working I have adopted from class is that where possible, if you have repeat motifs, do them all at once.  This way you get a regular approach to all the motifs, helping them all look the same.  I finished the sections above to ensure that I understood the techniques.  It had been some months since I'd started these in class so I needed to check I'd remembered what to do.   The next step was to complete all the teeny tiny dragons (except for their eyes) and the wispy clouds.

I then completed the rest of the clouds and the outline of diamond shapes.

Finally I put in the dragon's eyes.  Not sure why I did it this way round it just felt right to leave them till last. 

With this section of teeny tiny dragons and clouds complete I went back to the other sections and completed them each in turn.  I will post separately about these.

Two of my stitching colleagues also choose this design from Studio Kusano but each of the three versions has different colour scheme.  When I can, I will get pictures of all three to demonstrate how a colour scheme can change the look and feel of a design. 

The wisteria is still on the go and is gradually growing.  No pics this time round as they all pretty much look the same at the moment.

Sneak peek at one of the new designs below.  Spent a lovely morning choosing colours, fabric has been framed up.  More updates to follow. 


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