The Beauty of Kimono - part 2

Published on 10th July 2015

It has been quiet on the embroidery front since I last posted, it's been too hot to stitch and I've been to both the York and Selby branches of the Embroidery Guild to give talks.  So with little or no progress being on my current work I decided it was time for another selection of kimono from Ichiroya.

To get a random selection I searched for all kimono, there are over 30 pages!, then looked at every third or forth page and chose the kimono listed first on that page.  It has brought up an interesting selection. As before clicking on the image will take you to that item and again thank you to Ichiroya.  No Japanese embroidery on any of these but there is a treat right at the end.











I didn't find this kimono in my search, the link was sent by a friend.  The design is created almost entirely in sagara nui (knots), it is amazing.



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