Green Chrysanthemum, completed

Published on 23rd February 2020

I've completed the embroidery on my Green Chrysanthemum design.  I am considering putting more knots in the centre but haven't come to any conclusion on this yet.  In the meantime, I've put it aside for a little while and will go back for another look next weekend. 

Once I completed the petals the last job was to put in pair of couched gold on the inner edge of the gold leaf.  After rummaging through my #3 and #4 golds I came up with the three below.  They would have all worked in their own way but I decided on the one on the bottom koma.  Although it looks more silver in the photo, it is a definite 5 colour gold and includes some greens and browns which I felt worked best with the green silk and brown background. 

Japanese embroidery koma with metallic thread

So, having couched in a pair of the gold the design is complete (probably).  Plenty of time now to consider if I want to do any more, and get it photographed and framed before it makes it debut at the exhibition in Manchester at Easter. 

Green Chrysanthemum design, traditionall Japanese embroidery


Green Chrysanthemum

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