The Beauty of Kimono - furisode

Published on 6th June 2015

I was awake bright and early this morning so went on-line to have a look at what beautiful things might have appeared on Ichiroya since I last visited.  I often look at their site as a feast for the eyes/inspiration/colour ideas or just because.  There are often examples of Japanese embroidery techniques which can be very useful.  Of course I never ever buy anything, ever ... well maybe ... occasionally ... possibly ... but only as a treat ... well ok, busted blush

While browsing it occurred to me that I am so used to seeing all the incredible and beautiful kimono that I don't always 'see' them properly anymore. Even the ones which don't catch my eye or that I don't like have taken very clever craftsmen and women and sometimes more than one, many many hours to produce and they should be appreciated. 

Hence this post, just pictures of a few examples of Furisode from Ichiroya for everyone to appreciate.  No particular order, price or preference just random furisode, at time of posting all these were available to buy.  If you follow this link it will take you to furisode on their site, links on the main photo will take you to the item, numbers under the photo are the item number. All photos courtesy of Ichiroya.










Thank you as always to Ichiroya for the use of their photos. 


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