Butterfly Cords more progress

Published on 9th December 2017

A very quick post today about the small butterfly on Butterfly Cords.

I've deliberately worked this butterfly in a different way to the larger one.  As this is a JEUK module design I wanted to experiment with different ways of going round the tight curves so students can have different variations to look at. So on this butterfly, rather than working from the centre of the curve outwards in each direction I started at one side and worked round the shape in one go. 

Lots of 3/4 stitches were used to get round the tight curves.

I find sketching in the line of the curve in a disappearing pencil helps to keep the curve going correctly, most of the time!

I worked this section from the point deliberately keeping the right to left diagonal and going clockwise, to match the rest of the wing. When I finished it it just looked odd and uncomfortable.

Out it came and was re-worked left to right and anticlockwise.  This looked much better.

His antennae were self padded and finished with flat silk as a contrast to the twisted silk used for the body.

I may need to go back and put some extra stitches in here and there.  It doesn't look as 'gappy' in real life so we'll see.



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