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Published on 28th June 2014

Time to share a piece of news that has been in the planning for ages.  A new website for Japanese embroidery and beading has been launched.

The new website is called The Fuzzy Effect.  It is being run by myself and a group of other UK based JE & B tutors.  We are hoping that it will become a focus for Japanese embroidery and Beading in the UK, Europe, or even further afield.  We'll be selling lots of things related to Japanese textiles, plus some fun things just because.  There will be kimono and obi silk, kits, designs, koma, perhaps even kimono, haori and obi. Some of the sections are still in development but we'll be adding lots of things in over the next few months.

Each of us in our group has got special things to share which you won't find anywhere else. I'm planning to list some of the goodies I got in my parcels a few weeks ago. Just need to get the threads wound off onto reels - watch this space, or that space should I say! 

TFE will have it's own blog and Facebook page.  The blog will replace the Japanese Embroidery blog, which as readers will know has not been updated for a few months. Too much going on. Eventually posts from there will be moved over to TFE and re-published.  All our group will be producing articles for the blog & there are lots of interesting topics in the planning (design, colour, motifs, techniques).

Please check out the site and let us know what you think.  If you spot anything which isn't working there is a contact us form in the About section for you to let us know, or, you can just say hello!



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