Very Sad News

Published on 25th August 2014

It is with the deepest sadness that I have to tell you of the loss of one of our stitching family, Sue Noble. 

Sue passed away on 25th August after a very short but hard fought battle with cancer. 

I met Sue for the first time on 9th February 2004, the first day in Japanese embroidery class for both of us, over the next 10 years Sue became a wonderful, supportive and loving friend.

I can not explain to you what the loss of Sue mean to me and to all of us in what she referred to as her stitching family, and how desperately sad I am that I will have to continue the journey without her. Sue loved her embroidery but it was with Japanese beading that she found her true love, talking about all her plans for her beading made her light up inside. 

More than anything else Sue loved her two daughters, Isabel and Stephanie.  She was so proud of them and spoke of them often.  They are remarkable young women who have been amazing over the last few weeks. I would like to thank them both for including those of us from her stitching family in Sue's last few weeks.  My love and thoughts are with them and the rest of her family and her very many friends.

One thing Sue used to do, which I don't do enough, was to tell those people important to her that she loved them. If you knew Sue, or even if you didn't, say it today in her memory, whether in person, by text, email or on facebook because you never know how quickly things can change.


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