Maplefall - another empty frame

Published on 27th June 2016

After a long time I have an empty frame, the design for JEUK module 8 is complete. Now I really, really need to get the others complete before I start anything else.

I found it very difficult to work on this piece in the winter, the light was so poor that I just couldn't see the valleys in the fabric and as it's all done in fuzzy effect that was quite a problem. Once the light improved it came along very quickly.

Our JEUK students are expected to develop their ability to think and made decisions about their own pieces I've deliberately done lots of different things with this piece so they can think about how to do their own without it being a straight copy

I've combined different types of threads, different ways of layering the colours, dark at the front in one section at the back in another, and veins in different colours.

Here I've used different colour urushi thread on the red maples.

Occasionally I decided I didn't like what I'd done so out it came, this meant doing a new stitch transfer just for that part of the design.

The gold vein on this leaf blended beautifully.

On the bottom two sections I worked all the veins in one go, rather than a leaf at a time, all in different metallics.

If you would like to see this piece in person and are going to the stitching show at the NEC this weekend, we'll be there as exhibitors. Come along and say hello.



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