More leaves

Published on 23rd January 2015

From blob to leaf.  I'd put the foundation in for this leaf ages ago, when I went back to put in the veins I was confused by the shape, it didn't look like any of the other leaves, it just looked like a blob.  With the others it had been easy to see the shape of where the veins had to go even without looking at the design sheet and I'd got out of the habit of referring to it.

So, I dug out the design sheet which showed me how the leaf was formed and away I went. I made up two different colour karayori with shell gold and shell silver.

These were couched round the outside and formed the edges of the leaf lobes where they crossed over one another.

Then the veins, again a karayori in the same colours as the outside, but without the shell gold and silver.

After the temporary holding was taken out it really looks like a leaf. I'm very pleased with how this one looks now.

The light was fairly good this morning, so I took an overview of the design so far. 


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