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Published on 20th June 2021

The last six months of lockdown have proved to be very challenging and I have not done very much embroidery until the last few weeks.  I have however been learning bead crochet and have been making beaded cords for bracelets.  I'm really enjoying these and have decided to offer them for sale in my on-line shop.  The background of the shop was being updated anyway so I've taken the opportunity to add these and other new sections, the new version of the site has gone live this weekend. 

Along with the beaded bracelets there is an expanded range of cards, new sections for textiles and a section for designs.   The design section will have both free and paid for designs. 

I have returned to my embroidery in the last few weeks.  I did a bit of work on my wisteria design when I was away for a few days but I am having second thoughts on the thread choice for the white flowers.  I've put it aside again for the moment and done some work on the cord and leaves design instead.

The cords I've done so far were either silk or a silk/metallic mix.  My plan was to do another of the cord in metallic only using the same variegated thread I'd used elsewhere on the piece.  I like a bit of bling as much as anyone but this metallic was too much so I've replaced it with silk.

Normally in JE the only cord which is padded is double central.  When I did the first part of the cord above, it looked very flat compared to the leaves and butterfly which were slightly padded.  

I put in a few more cords with padding and have decided I like this much better so I'm doing them all with the same level of padding I've used on the butterfly and leaves.  

I hope to make good progress on this one now and get it finished sooner rather than later.  Lots of other projects/ideas to move onto.



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