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Welcome to my blog.  I will be posting about the progress of new works and generally letting you know what I'm up to.

Pictures of completed pieces and extra photos of new work can be found in the Image Gallery.

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Things I noticed in class

Things I noticed in classJust back from a successful class in Garstang. Things I noticed were, 1. beautiful work. All the students are making good progress on their pieces. (more...)

Date posted: 30-10-2017 13:46:53
Keywords: class, fans, designs, boxes


Lining silk and new frame

Lining silk and new frameAfter my fan arrived back from Japan I was so pleased with how it looked that I stated thinking about variations on colour and different designs. It occurred to me that when the design/s are made available for students they may want a different colour background for their fans. (more...)

Date posted: 05-08-2017 11:14:35
Keywords: Fan, kimono lining, frames


It's back, hydrangea fan is home from Japan

It's back, hydrangea fan is home from JapanIt's back, hydrangea fan is home from its trip to Japan after being transformed from a peice of fabric to a working fan. I am so pleased with how this has turned out. (more...)

Date posted: 28-07-2017 18:49:22
Keywords: hydrangea fan


Butterfly Cords, JEUK Module 5, tassels

Butterfly Cords, JEUK Module 5, tasselsBefore I go and tackle the black hole which is the cupboard under the stairs! an update on a work in progress. As readers of the blog will know I'm one of the tutors and designers for Japanese Embroidery UK and over the last couple of years we have been designing our own modules for teaching JE, you can see all the modules here. (more...)

Date posted: 30-06-2017 09:56:30
Keywords: Module 5, butterfly cords


Hydrangea Fan complete (almost)

Hydrangea Fan complete (almost)It was back in March when I last posted, it only seems a short while but here we are nearly in July. Where is the year going? I met the deadline for getting my hydrangea fan design to Midori for it to be sent off to Japan to be made into a fan. It should be back in the next couple weeks. I'll share more photos then. (more...)

Date posted: 25-06-2017 11:41:27
Keywords: hydrangea fan, Midori


New project, Hydrangea Fan

New project, Hydrangea FanWith the new Japanese Embroidery Academy up and running and most of the compulsory modules designed and stitched, I've been trying to come up with other options for designs for the students. Turning our work into pictures is the usual but most of us have only so much wall space and I think it's nice to come up with other things. (more...)

Date posted: 01-03-2017 19:21:02
Keywords: Fan, Midori


Grapes & Leaves - completed

Grapes & Leaves - completedA quick post today, unlike this piece which was started in 2014. Various things interrupted its progress but finally it is compete and I'm very pleased with how it has turned out. (more...)

Date posted: 13-02-2017 19:54:11
Keywords: Grapes & Leaves


New Year Finishes

New Year Finishes2016 was a less productive year than I had intended but it ended well and 2017 has started off with two projects being completed, a good start. (more...)

Date posted: 07-01-2017 18:14:16
Keywords: Young Samrai, Five Fans, Sophies Universe


Five Fans - an update

Five Fans - an updateAnother class has been and gone, another horrid cold also been and gone. Back to work tomorrow so time for a very quick update . I travelled south for class a couple of weeks ago, this time as a student. With changes to work I wasn't able to go last year so it was nice just to be able to sit and stitch with everyone else and catch up on what they were doing. (more...)

Date posted: 13-11-2016 18:30:51
Keywords: Five Fans


It's been a while

It's been a whileIt's been ages since I posted and little embroidery has been done since the beginning of August. After coming down with a horrid chest infection I was off work for almost the whole of August and September but so unwell that I had no concentration or energy left for JE. I did sit and do quite a lot of crochet so some work was done. (more...)

Date posted: 10-10-2016 17:23:26
Keywords: Five fans, frames

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